Ponce Inlet

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50..A. Ponce Colony Villas built by Jack White, who rumor has it, built the four lanes on Atlantic

49. A.  Walt and Rhonda Glasnak.48.

48. A. The Miller-Lite-All-Stars. The likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Buba Smith and Morgan Fairchild all graced our shores.

47. A. Striking Fish Tournament, Motorcycle Drags, East Coast Tug O War.

46.  A. They sold beer at events in town and had an annual Fish Fry.

45. A. Yes when Ted Grau was Police Chief. The experiment ended when he was no longer Chief.

44. A.  The Ponce Inlet Police Department

43. A. “The Flying Dutchman”  Arie Luyendyk was.

42. A. Frankie.

41. A. No! B.G. Timmons, his father was the second Mayor.

40. A. Ronald Reagan, who was a lifeguard in the town.

39. A. He ran the Ayres & Kathryn Davies Circus out of Dixon, IL

38. A. One of the World’s largest think tanks. HQ Columbus, OH

37. A. Archie Greene

36. A. The boundaries for Pickle Ball. The fastest growing sport in USA.

35. A. Happy Tails.

34. A. Nope he drowned in the Inlet in 1884. His reputation is a combination of efficiency, loyalty to Grant, and involvement in corruption and scandal

33. A. The base of The Statue of Liberty.

32. A. Edward L. Meyer (Gladys Davis’ father)

31. A. It has no name. It was dug by Gladys Davis’ father for fill for Meyer’s Fish Camp.

30. A. Smith, Hoess, Lewis, Milano and Perron

29. A. Cape Hatteras Light

28. A. To protect the lenses from the Sun and to keep reflection from causing fires.

27. A. Edwina Knox, Founder and First President – IN 1982

26. A  (Answer – 1966)  “In early 1966 a group of women met at the home of Mary Ann Timmons to discuss the forming of an auxiliary….and the Ponce Inlet Women’s Club was born” – straight from the Ponce Inlet Women’s Club yearly membership book.

25. A. Preston, Mausart, Dygert, Davies, Perrault, Timmons, Straudt, Walker, Leddy, Isaacs and Hoak

24. A. 140

23. A. Edwina Knox

22. A. Tami Lewis

21. A. Carolyn Sprague

20. A. Green mound. Not completely accurate because it implies that it is a natural structure which it is not.

19. A. The same place as the bricks in the lighthouse. Baltimore, Maryland

18. A. Jay Maxwell previous co-owner of Lighthouse Landing. The truck came from Brewster NY.

17. A. Korona

16. A. Beth Liebert.

15. A. David Thornton, Wayne Lurcock. and Todd Hendri

14. A. Miss Ginger or Maryanne

13. A. Captain Al Kline

12. A. University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance

11. A. Redwood Wharton

10. A.  Help ships safely navigate along the coast and in and out of the Inlet

9. A. More than 1,250,000 Baltimore bricks.

8. A. Three

7. A. A Fresnel lens

6. A. 175 feet, tallest lighthouse in Florida

5. A. The term Light Station

4. A. Mosquito Inlet Lighthouse

3. A. Kerosene to was used to produce the light. It was electrified in 1933.

2. A. 1887

1. A.1. One has to climb 203 steps to reach the gallery deck at the top of the lighthouse and 213 to reach the lantern room.